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Unity Remote 3 (DEPRECATED)
Understanding optimization in Unity
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Learn production-tested best practices from our Enterprise Support engineers and the Unity R&D Content team.


  1. Understanding optimization in Unity

Note that the following links (below) lead to guides on the Unity Learn Website.


  1. Physics best practices

Assets, resources and AssetBundles

  1. A guide to AssetBundles and Resources

  2. Assets, objects and serialization

  3. The Resources folder

  4. AssetBundle fundamentals

  5. AssetBundle usage patterns

Optimizing Unity UI

  1. A guide to optimizing Unity UI

  2. Fundamentals of Unity UI

  3. Unity UI profiling tools

  4. Fill-rate, canvases and input

  5. Optimizing UI controls

  6. Other UI optimization techniques and tips

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Unity Remote 3 (DEPRECATED)
Understanding optimization in Unity
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