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Livestream page

Visualize your data in real time at critical moments like game launch and during promotions.

The Livestream page samples your Analytics data as it happens without any other data processing. Note that other areas of the Analytics Dashboard do not show data until processing is complete, introducing a delay of a few hours. Livestream requires a Unity Plus or Pro subscription.

The Livestream page has these sections:

  • Live Metrics
  • Activity Map
  • Top Custo Events

Live Metrics

Live Metrics
Live Metrics

The Live Metrics section shows charts of incoming metrics data. The numbers in the display show the current day’s cumulative totals (reset at midnight GMT). The chart portions show activity over the last 5 minutes, starting when you load the Livestream page.

User Logins The number of players who have started a new session.
New Users The number of new players.
Pre-Verified Revenue Reported IAP revenue (before receipt verification is performed).

Activity Map

Activity Map
Activity Map

The Activity Map marks the geographic locations of incoming Analytics API requests with temporary markers.

Top Custom Events

Top Custom Events
Top Custom Events

The Top Custom Events section shows the most common Standard and Custom Events dispatched while players use your game. The event counts are cumulative since you loaded the Livestream page.

Note that the events shown on the Livestream page are sampled for efficiency. This means that not every event is individually counted and, if you open Livestream in two different pages, the numbers and events shown can be slightly different.

  • 2017–08–29 Page published with limited editorial review
  • New feature in Unity 2017.1