Version: 2017.3 (switch to 2017.4)
Data reset
Upgrade Unity Analytics 4.x-5.1 (SDK) to 5.2 onwards
Other Versions

Upgrading Unity Analytics

Unity Analytics comes built-in starting with version 5.2 onwards of the Unity Editor. We recommend you upgrade your existing Unity project with Analytics already integrated to 5.2 and up. Select the upgrade instructions applicable to you.

Note: 5.1 Projects that Integrated Analytics Before September 8, 2015

Unity Analytics SDK will now support 4.x–5.1 versions. The previous 5.1 integration “PlayerSettings” copy-and-paste ProjectID method will still work, but we are discontinuing support for it. Refer to Analytics Forum for more information. For existing 5.1 users, we recommend you update your integration to use the above supported methods.