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Unity features which are in development.

Unity Technologies supplies some experimental features with the standard Unity Editor installer, which you download from the Unity store. Other experimental features you need to download from the Unity Technologies GitHub and install separately, once you have installed the Unity Editor.

In-Editor experimental features

To access experimental features in Unity, go to Window > Experimental > [name of feature]

Experimental features:

  • Look Dev: An image-based lighting tool that allows you to check and compare different AssetsAny media or data that can be used in your game or Project. An asset may come from a file created outside of Unity, such as a 3D model, an audio file or an image. You can also create some asset types in Unity, such as an Animator Controller, an Audio Mixer or a Render Texture. More info
    See in Glossary
    through a viewer to ensure they are correctly authored for various lighting conditions.

Plugin experimental features

To access Unity experimental feature plugins, download them from the Unity Technologies GitHub and install them separately to the Unity Editor.

  • 2017–06–07 Page amended

  • GitHub link and plugins added in documentation version 5.6

Optimizing Scripts
UIElements Developer Guide
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