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public void Unload(bool unloadAllLoadedObjects);


unloadAllLoadedObjects Determines whether the current instances of objects loaded from the AssetBundle will also be unloaded.


Unloads an AssetBundle freeing its data.

When unloadAllLoadedObjects is false, compressed file data inside the bundle itself will be freed, but any instances of objects loaded from this bundle will remain intact.

When unloadAllLoadedObjects is true, all objects that were loaded from this bundle will be destroyed as well. If there are GameObjects in your Scene referencing those assets, the references to them will become missing.

In either case you won't be able to load any more objects from this bundle unless it is reloaded.

See Building AssetBundles for a description of the different compression formats used and their impact on memory while loaded.

See Also: AssetBundle.UnloadAllAssetBundles.

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