Adding keys
Changing interpolation and shape

Editing keys

Edit a key to change its time, value, or both. The Curves viewThe area in the Timeline Editor window that shows the animation curves for Infinite clips or for Animation clips that have been converted from Infinite clips. The Curves view is similar to Curves mode in the Animation window. More info
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provides the following different methods for editing a key:

  • Right-click a key and select Edit from the context menu to enter specific values for time and value.

  • Select a key and press Enter to enter specific values.

  • Select and drag a key to change it time and value.

  • Drag a key vertically, then press Shift to snap the key on the vertical axis. This changes the value of the key, but not its time.

  • Drag a key horizontally, then press Shift to snap the key on the horizontal axis. This changes the time of the key, but not its value.