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Gradle troubleshooting

Reporting crash bugs under Android

Before submitting a bug report, refer to the Troubleshooting Android development page of the Unity Manual and the Unity Android forum for solutions to common crashes and problems.

Investigating crashes on Android can be challenging, especially if you cannot reproduce the crash on your own device. Use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to create a log from your device by running adb logcat. Information about what the ADBAn Android Debug Bridge (ADB). You can use an ADB to deploy an Android package (APK) manually after building. More info
See in Glossary
logcat file contains can be found on the logcat command line tool page of the official Android Studio documentation.

If you are unable to find a solution to your problem through the above methods, submit a bug report and attach the ADB logcat file and the full Unity Project to your bug report before submitting, following the Unity bug reporting guidelines.

  • 2017–05–25 Page published

  • Updated functionality in 5.5

Gradle troubleshooting
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