Version: 2019.3
  • C#


class in UnityEngine.XR


Implemented in:UnityEngine.VRModule

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Contains all functionality related to a XR device.

Static Properties

fovZoomFactorZooms the XR projection.
isPresentSuccessfully detected a XR device in working order.
refreshRateRefresh rate of the display in Hertz.

Static Methods

DisableAutoXRCameraTrackingSets whether the camera passed in the first parameter is controlled implicitly by the XR Device
GetNativePtrThis method returns an IntPtr representing the native pointer to the XR device if one is available, otherwise the value will be IntPtr.Zero.
UpdateEyeTextureMSAASettingRecreates the XR platform's eye texture swap chain with the appropriate anti-aliasing sample count. The reallocation of the eye texture will only occur if the MSAA quality setting's sample count is different from the sample count of the current eye texture. Reallocations of the eye textures will happen at the beginning of the next frame. This is an expensive operation and should only be used when necessary.


deviceLoadedSubscribe a delegate to this event to get notified when an XRDevice is successfully loaded.
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