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Built-in 3D Physics
Introduction to character control

Character control

In a first-person or third-person application, a user’s character or avatarAn interface for retargeting animation from one rig to another. More info
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usually needs some collision-based physics, so that it doesn’t fall through the floor or walk through walls. In 3D physics, you can create and configure character physics and control with a Character Controller.

You can configure character control via the CharacterController class, or the corresponding Character ControllerA simple, capsule-shaped collider component with specialized features for behaving as a character in a game. Unlike true collider components, a Rigidbody is not needed and the momentum effects are not realistic. More info
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Topic Description
Introduction to character control Overview of the concepts and fundamental behaviours of character controllers.
Character Controller component reference Reference page for the Character Controller component.
Built-in 3D Physics
Introduction to character control
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