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class in UnityEngine.XR


Implemented in:UnityEngine.VRModule

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Timing and other statistics from the XR subsystem.

Some XR SDKs provide access to additional timing and other statistics. These can be used by games and applications for profiling and dynamic performance adjustments. For example, modifying XRSettings.eyeTextureResolutionScale or XRSettings.renderViewportScale during runtime can improve performance. This class exposes a set of information that can be optionally reported by SDKs. Make sure to use the return values of any methods to know whether the data is being reported by the SDK or not.

Static Methods

TryGetDroppedFrameCountRetrieves the number of dropped frames reported by the XR SDK.
TryGetFramePresentCountRetrieves the number of times the current frame has been drawn to the device as reported by the XR SDK.
TryGetGPUTimeLastFrameRetrieves the time spent by the GPU last frame, in seconds, as reported by the XR SDK.

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