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User Attributes

Unity AnalyticsAbbreviation of Unity Analytics
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offers the ability to track user demographics. This provides you with robust ways to filter your data to look at different user segments. This information is pulled from player information entered at signup or from third-party SDKs.

// Reference the Unity Analytics SDK package
  using UnityEngine.Cloud.Analytics;

  // Use this call to designate the user gender
  UnityAnalytics.SetUserGender(Gender gender);

  // Use this call to designate the user birth year
  UnityAnalytics.SetUserBirthYear(int birthYear);
Input Parameters
Name Type Description
gender enum Gender of user can be Gender.Female, Gender.Male or Gender.Unknown.
birthYear int Birth year of user. Must be 4-digit year format only.

For example:

  Gender gender = Gender.Female;

  int birthYear = 2014;
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