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Sprite Atlas version 2 (Experimental)

The current SpriteA 2D graphic objects. If you are used to working in 3D, Sprites are essentially just standard textures but there are special techniques for combining and managing sprite textures for efficiency and convenience during development. More info
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Atlas packs Textures (from Sprites, Sprites within Textures, and Sprites in folders) into an Atlas Texture. It packs these Textures when it enters Play Mode, or when it builds the Player or an AssetBundle.

To configure the packing behavior, go to Edit > Project Settings > Editor > Sprite Packer and select an option from the Mode drop-down menu.

Setting the Sprite Packer Mode to Sprite Atlas V2 Experimental.

AssetDatabase V1 cannot have dependencies, and has no Importer support for named objects, so Unity packs its Sprite Atlases through a custom mechanism and stores the output data of Textures and render data in the Library/AtlasCache folder.

However, Sprite AtlasA texture that is composed of several smaller textures. Also referred to as a texture atlas, image sprite, sprite sheet or packed texture. More info
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version 1 does not support the Cache ServerA standalone app that you can run on your local computer that stores the imported asset data to reduce the time it takes to import assets. More info
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. Unity can only cache Artifacts (data generated through the import process) stored in the Library folder. As it does not use an importer, the current system cannot use some of the functionalities exposed by AssetDatabase V2 (ADBV2) such as Cache Server support.

The v2 experimental system is developed with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Use an Importer workflow that supports Cache Server and other ADBV2 features.

  2. No changes to the Sprite Atlas Runtime Object.

  3. Ensure that there is a migration path between current Sprite Atlases to Sprite Atlas V2.

  4. No major changes to the UX workflow.

Sprite Atlas version 2 Inspector properties

There are no changes to the InspectorA Unity window that displays information about the currently selected GameObject, asset or project settings, allowing you to inspect and edit the values. More info
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properties and settings from that of Sprite Atlas v1 except for the following :

  1. You cannot drag a folder directly onto Objects for Packing to add the contents for packing in Sprite Atlas v2, however dragging Sprites and Textures directly onto the window is still supported.

  2. The imported Sprite Atlas object is displayed at the bottom of the Inspector.

Updated Inspector properties.

To enable the experimental Sprite Atlas v2 mode, go to Edit > Project Settings > Sprite Packer, open the Mode drop-down menu and select Sprite Atlas V2 (Experimental) - Enabled.

When you enable the experimental Sprite Atlas v2:

  1. It becomes the default Mode when you create a Sprite Atlas through the Assets menu (Assets > Create > Sprite Atlas).

  2. Unity automatically migrates all existing Sprite Atlas v1 Assets to Sprite Atlas v2.

Due to the automatic migration, you should make a backup of your v1 Sprite Atlases before you enable Sprite Atlas v2. Assets converted to v2 are incompatible with v1, and cannot be converted back.

Editing Sprite Atlas v2 via scripting is currently not supported.

  • Sprite Atlas version 2 Experimental has been added for 2020.1 NewIn20201
Sprite Packer Modes
Sprite Packer
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