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Leading up to a sale, the Asset StoreA growing library of free and commercial assets created by Unity and members of the community. Offers a wide variety of assets, from textures, models and animations to whole project examples, tutorials and Editor extensions. More info
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team reaches out to publishers whose Assets fit the criteria or style of the upcoming sale. If your package is selected, the team emails you to see if you want to take part. If so, you can state which Asset(s) you want to enter into the sale, and discuss the discount/sale price with the Asset Store team.

The Asset Store team often chooses sales candidates a month or two ahead of the sale. The team chooses Asset Store packages based on which ones are likely to market well and perform well in the Store, or which packages best fit the specific theme of a promotion.

Unity’s Asset Store allows publishers to change the price of their Assets for their own promotion. If you do this, you must use your own website or social media page to advertise the promotion. You must provide details of your sale in the description text for your Asset while the sale is on, and this must include the regular price and the length of the promotional sale period (a maximum of two weeks). After your sale is over, don’t change the Asset’s price for an additional two months. Changing your price often may exclude your Asset from official sales and promotions. For more information, see Unity’s Submission Guidelines.

Unity does not allow any sale-related graphics throughout your Asset Store package’s marketing and sales imagery. You may not promote your product as being included in any sales or features hosted by Unity Technologies without Unity’s permission. If any Asset Store package doesn’t respect these guidelines, the Asset Store team might return the Asset Store package to its former regular price without notice.

Connecting your account to Google Analytics
Refunding your customers
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