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Using the Unity Developer Dashboard to configure Cloud Build for Git

Unity Cloud Build

Unity Cloud Build is part of Unity Teams Advanced and provides continuous integration services for Unity projects. It automates the build process on Unity’s servers to help save you time and computer resources. It helps you catch problems sooner, share builds with your collaborators, and iterate versions of your development more rapidly.

Unity Cloud Build can build your project for multiple platforms, and supports many of the popular version control systems. See Supported platforms to learn more.

Find additional information about Unity Cloud Build on the following pages:

Automated build generation

Cloud Build provides continuous integration by automatically publishing changes and building your Project whenever a team member commits a change to the shared repository.

By compiling your project whenever a change is committed, Unity Cloud Build gives you the most accurate idea of when and where errors occur and ensures you always have a build of your game based on the last good commit.

To enable automated build generation, set the Auto-build toggle to yes in the Cloud Build > Config > Basic Info settings.

How automated build generation works

Cloud Build connects to either Unity Collaborate or your source control system and monitors that system for changes to your project. When it detects changes to your project, it downloads your project and builds it for your target platforms. When the builds complete, Cloud Build notifies you of the results, along with links to download and install the builds. If there are errors, Cloud Build informs you immediately, letting you quickly fix them, commit the changes, and trigger new builds.

Share links

You can share builds with users who do not have an account associated with your project. Cloud Build can generate links automatically and send them via email or application integration, for example, with Slack. You can also generate links manually from the dropdown menu of a given build.

Share links expire after two weeks. You can adjust this in the share link menu of the build that you want to share.

Supported platforms

Unity Cloud Build can build your Unity Project for the following platforms and operating systems:

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows desktop

  • Mac OS desktop

  • Linux desktop

  • WebGL

Supported versions of Unity

Cloud Build can build Projects created with most versions of the Unity Editor. Cloud Build is usually available to new versions of the Unity Editor within 48 hours of the latest version release.

On your app’s “Settings” page, you can select the version of Unity to use to build your app.

Version control systems

For Cloud Build to build your project, you must first host your project in a source control system (also known as a version control system). Cloud Build supports:

Analytics Metrics, Segments, and Terminology
Using the Unity Developer Dashboard to configure Cloud Build for Git
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