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When a package is deprecated it is no longer available in the Asset Store. It is removed from the store. Customers that have already purchased or downloaded the package will still be able to download the package. To get a deprecated package back in the store, a new draft needs to be submitted and reviewed.

In this guide we are going to depricate the asset “Pixel Art - Fantasy Pack”. The steps will be the same for any asset that is currently published to the Asset Store.

  1. Log-in to Publisher Administration
  2. Go To the Packages Tab.
  3. Select the Published view in the drop down menu.Publisher drop down menu
  4. Click the name of the package you wish to deprecate. Name of Package
  5. Scroll down to the deprecate package section. (Located below “Metadata & Artwork”) Deprecate Section
  6. Click the “I agree to have the package deprecated” check box. Dprecate Button
  7. Click the “Deprecate Package” button.
Asset Store Publishing Guide
Asset Store Manual
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