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The Capsule Collider is made of two half-spheres joined together by a cylinder. It is the same shape as the Capsule primitive.


Property: Function:
Is Trigger If enabled, this Collider is used for triggering events, and is ignored by the physics engine.
Material Reference to the Physics Material that determines how this Collider interacts with others.
Center The position of the Collider in the object’s local space.
Radius The radius of the Collider’s local width.
Height The total height of the Collider.
Direction The axis of the capsule’s lengthwise orientation in the object’s local space.


You can adjust the Capsule Collider’s Radius and Height independently of each other. It is used in the Character Controller and works well for poles, or can be combined with other Colliders for unusual shapes.

A standard Capsule Collider
A standard Capsule Collider
Box Collider
Character Controller
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