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class in UnityEngine

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The Caching class lets you manage cached AssetBundles, downloaded using WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload.

Static Variables

compressionEnabledControls compression of cache data. Enabled by default.
enabledIs Caching enabled?
expirationDelayThe number of seconds that an AssetBundle may remain unused in the cache before it is automatically deleted.
maximumAvailableDiskSpaceThe total number of bytes that can potentially be allocated for caching.
readyIs caching ready?
spaceFreeThe number of currently unused bytes in the cache.
spaceOccupiedUsed disk space in bytes.

Static Functions

AuthorizeThis is a WebPlayer-only function.
CleanCacheDelete all AssetBundle and Procedural Material content that has been cached by the current application.
IsVersionCachedChecks if an AssetBundle is cached.
MarkAsUsedBumps the timestamp of a cached file to be the current time.
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