Version: 2021.3
Circle Collider 2D
2D 多边形碰撞体 (Polygon Collider 2D)

Box Collider 2D

The Box Collider 2D is a Collider that interacts with the 2D physics system. It is a rectangle in shape with a defined position, width and height in the local coordinate space of a Sprite. Note that the rectangle is axis-aligned, with its edges parallel to the X or Y axes of local space.

属性 功能
Material 一种物理材质,可用于确定碰撞的属性(例如摩擦和弹性)。
Is Trigger 如果希望 2D 盒型碰撞体作为触发器运行,请选中此框。
Used by Effector 如果希望 2D 盒型碰撞体由附加的 2D 效应器组件使用,请选中此框。
Used by Composite Tick this checkbox if you want this Collider to be used by an attached Composite Collider 2D.

When you enable Used by Composite, other properties disappear from the Box Collider 2D component, because they are now controlled by the attached Composite Collider 2D. The properties that disappear from the Box Collider 2D are Material, Is Trigger, Used By Effector, and Edge Radius.
Auto Tiling Tick this checkbox if the Sprite Renderer component for the selected Sprite has the Draw Mode set to Tiled. This enables automatic updates to the shape of the Collider 2D, meaning that the shape is automatically readjusted when the Sprite’s dimensions change. If you don’t enable Auto Tiling, the Collider 2D geometry doesn’t automatically repeat.
Offset 设置 2D 碰撞体几何形状的局部偏移。
Size 按局部空间单位设置盒体的大小。
Edge Radius Controls a radius around edges, so that vertices are circular. This results in a larger Collider 2D with rounded convex corners. The default value for this setting is 0 (no radius).
Circle Collider 2D
2D 多边形碰撞体 (Polygon Collider 2D)
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