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Host APK expansion files
Asset packs in Unity

Play 资源交付

Play Asset Delivery (PAD) is the asset splitting solution for the Android App Bundle (AAB) publishing format. PAD uses asset packs to store additional assets such as textures, sounds, and meshes. Google hosts and serves asset packs on Google Play, which means you don’t need to create a content delivery network to send application resources to users. For more information about PAD, see Android’s Play Asset Delivery documentation.

PAD is only available for Google Play and enables applications to be larger than the Google Play application size limit of 150MB.

Important: If you have a large application and want to publish it to digital distribution services that don’t support the AAB publishing format, you must use the APK publishing format and APK expansion files.

This section of the documentation introduces asset packs and explains how to work with them in Unity.

Topic 描述
Asset packs in Unity Learn how asset packs work in Unity.
Set up Play Asset Delivery Configure your Unity project to produce an AAB that contains asset packs.
Create a custom asset pack Create a custom asset pack to store additional assets for an application.
Manage asset packs at runtime Download and access asset packs at runtime.
Host APK expansion files
Asset packs in Unity
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