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Set up sprites

Sprites are a type of 2D asset in Unity projects. You can access sprites in the Project view.

Import your image

You can import sprites into your project through one of the following methods:

  • In your computer’s File Explorer (macOS: Finder), place your image directly into your Unity project’s Assets folder. Unity detects this and displays it in the Project view.
  • In Unity, go to Assets > Import New Asset. From the File Explorer (macOS: Finder) window that opens, select your chosen image. Unity displays your chosen image in the Project view.

For more information on organizing your Assets folder, refer to Importing assets.

Set your imported image as a sprite

If you set your project to 2D, Unity automatically sets the image you import as a sprite. Unity will also automatically create sprites based on the Automatic Slicing behavior in Sprite Editor window. If you set your project to 3D instead, Unity imports your image as a texture.

To change the asset’s Texture Type:

  1. Select the asset to access its Import Inspector.
  2. Set the Texture Type to Sprite (2D and UI).

For more information about Texture Type settings, refer to Sprite (2D and UI) import settings reference.

Work with sprites
Sort sprites
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