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Player Settings is where you define various parameters for the final game that you will build in Unity. Some of these values are used in the Resolution Dialog that launches when you open a standalone game.

Variables Estáticas

accelerometerFrequencyFrecuencia de actualización del acelerómetro.
actionOnDotNetUnhandledExceptionSets the crash behavior on .NET unhandled exception.
advancedLicenseIs the advanced version being used?
allowedAutorotateToLandscapeLeftIs auto-rotation to landscape left supported?
allowedAutorotateToLandscapeRightIs auto-rotation to landscape right supported?
allowedAutorotateToPortraitIs auto-rotation to portrait supported?
allowedAutorotateToPortraitUpsideDownIs auto-rotation to portrait upside-down supported?
allowFullscreenSwitchIf enabled, allows the user to switch between full screen and windowed mode using OS specific keyboard short cuts.
aotOptionsAdditional AOT compilation options. Shared by AOT platforms.
applicationIdentifierThe application identifier for the currently selected build target.
bakeCollisionMeshesPre bake collision meshes on player build.
bundleVersionApplication bundle version shared between iOS & Android platforms.
captureSingleScreenDefines if fullscreen games should darken secondary displays.
cloudProjectIdUn identificador único de proyecto de la nube. Es único para cada proyecto (Lectura Solamente).
colorSpaceSet the rendering color space for the current project.
companyNameThe name of your company.
cursorHotspotDefault cursor's click position in pixels from the top left corner of the cursor image.
d3d11FullscreenModeDefine how to handle fullscreen mode in Windows standalones (Direct3D 11 mode).
d3d9FullscreenModeDefine how to handle fullscreen mode in Windows standalones (Direct3D 9 mode).
defaultCursorThe default cursor for your application.
defaultInterfaceOrientationDefault screen orientation for mobiles.
defaultIsFullScreenIf enabled, the game will default to fullscreen mode.
defaultScreenHeightDefault vertical dimension of stand-alone player window.
defaultScreenWidthDefault horizontal dimension of stand-alone player window.
defaultWebScreenHeightDefault vertical dimension of web player window.
defaultWebScreenWidthDefault horizontal dimension of web player window.
displayResolutionDialogDefines the behaviour of the Resolution Dialog on product launch.
enableCrashReportAPIEnables CrashReport API.
enableInternalProfilerEnables internal profiler.
forceSingleInstanceLimita los standalone players a una sola instancia concurrente corriendo.
gpuSkinningEnable GPU skinning on capable platforms.
graphicsJobModeSelects the graphics job mode to use on platforms that support both Native and Legacy graphics jobs.
graphicsJobsEnable graphics jobs (multi threaded rendering).
keyaliasPassPassword for the key used for signing an Android application.
keystorePassPassword used for interacting with the Android Keystore.
logObjCUncaughtExceptionsAre ObjC uncaught exceptions logged?
macFullscreenModeDefine how to handle fullscreen mode in macOS standalones.
MTRenderingIs multi-threaded rendering enabled?
muteOtherAudioSourcesStops or allows audio from other applications to play in the background while your Unity application is running.
productNameThe name of your product.
protectGraphicsMemoryProtect graphics memory.
resizableWindowUse resizable window in standalone player builds.
resolutionDialogBannerThe image to display in the Resolution Dialog window.
runInBackgroundIf enabled, your game will continue to run after lost focus.
scriptingRuntimeVersionThe scripting runtime version setting. Change this to set the version the Editor uses and restart the Editor to apply the change.
statusBarHiddenShould status bar be hidden. Shared between iOS & Android platforms.
stereoRenderingPathActive stereo rendering path
stripEngineCodeRemove unused Engine code from your build (IL2CPP-only).
strippingLevelManaged code stripping level.
stripUnusedMeshComponentsShould unused Mesh components be excluded from game build?
use32BitDisplayBuffer32-bit Display Buffer is used.
useAnimatedAutorotationLet the OS autorotate the screen as the device orientation changes.
useHDRDisplaySwitch display to HDR mode (if available).
useMacAppStoreValidationEnable receipt validation for the Mac App Store.
usePlayerLogWrite a log file with debugging information.
virtualRealitySplashScreenVirtual Reality specific splash screen.
virtualRealitySupportedEnable virtual reality support.
visibleInBackgroundEn Windows, muestra la aplicación en el fondo si el modo de Fullscreen Windowed es utilizado.
xboxEnableAvatarXbox 360 Avatars.

Funciones Estáticas

GetAdditionalIl2CppArgsIL2CPP build arguments.
GetApiCompatibilityLevelGets .NET API compatibility level for specified BuildTargetGroup.
GetApplicationIdentifierGet the application identifier for the specified platform.
GetArchitectureGets the BuildTargetPlatformGroup architecture.
GetGraphicsAPIsGet graphics APIs to be used on a build platform.
GetIconsForTargetGroupReturns the list of assigned icons for the specified platform.
GetIconSizesForTargetGroupReturns a list of icon sizes for the specified platform.
GetIncrementalIl2CppBuildDoes IL2CPP platform use incremental build?
GetScriptingBackendGets the scripting framework for a BuildTargetPlatformGroup.
GetScriptingDefineSymbolsForGroupGet user-specified symbols for script compilation for the given build target group.
GetStackTraceLogTypeGet stack trace logging options.
GetUseDefaultGraphicsAPIsIs a build platform using automatic graphics API choice?
HasAspectRatioReturns whether or not the specified aspect ratio is enabled.
SetAdditionalIl2CppArgsIL2CPP build arguments.
SetApiCompatibilityLevelSets .NET API compatibility level for specified BuildTargetGroup.
SetApplicationIdentifierSet the application identifier for the specified platform.
SetArchitectureSets the BuildTargetPlatformGroup architecture.
SetAspectRatioActiva la relación de aspecto especificada.
SetGraphicsAPIsSets the graphics APIs used on a build platform.
SetIconsForTargetGroupAssign a list of icons for the specified platform.
SetIncrementalIl2CppBuildSets incremental build flag.
SetScriptingBackendSets the scripting framework for a BuildTargetPlatformGroup.
SetScriptingDefineSymbolsForGroupSet user-specified symbols for script compilation for the given build target group.
SetStackTraceLogTypeSet stack trace logging options. Note: calling this function will implicitly call Application.SetStackTraceLogType.
SetUseDefaultGraphicsAPIsShould a build platform use automatic graphics API choice.

Miembros heredados


hideFlags¿Debería el objeto estar oculto, guardado con la escena o modificable por el usuario?
nameEl nombre del objeto.

Funciones Públicas

GetInstanceIDDevuelve el id de la instancia del objeto.
ToStringDevuelve el nombre del objeto.

Funciones Estáticas

DestroyElimina un gameobject, componente o asset.
DestroyImmediateDestroys the object obj immediately. You are strongly recommended to use Destroy instead.
DontDestroyOnLoadHace que el objeto target no sea destruido automáticamente cuando se cargue una nueva escena.
FindObjectOfTypeDevuelve el primer objeto activo cargado de tipo type.
FindObjectsOfTypeDevuelve una lista de todos los objetos activos cargados de tipo type.
InstantiateClona el objeto original y devuelve el clon.


bool¿Existe el objeto?
operator !=Compare si dos objetos se refieren a un objeto diferente.
operator ==Compara dos referencias de objeto para ver si se refieren al mismo objeto.
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