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Shader pass type for Unity's lighting pipeline.

This corresponds to "LightMode" tag in the shader pass, see Pass tags.


NormalRegular shader pass that does not interact with lighting.
VertexLegacy vertex-lit shader pass.
VertexLMLegacy vertex-lit shader pass, with mobile lightmaps.
ForwardBaseForward rendering base pass.
ForwardAddForward rendering additive pixel light pass.
LightPrePassBaseLegacy deferred lighting (light pre-pass) base pass.
LightPrePassFinalLegacy deferred lighting (light pre-pass) final pass.
ShadowCasterShadow caster & depth texure shader pass.
DeferredDeferred Shading shader pass.
MetaShader pass used to generate the albedo and emissive values used as input to lightmapping.
MotionVectorsMotion vector render pass.
ScriptableRenderPipelineCustom scriptable pipeline.
ScriptableRenderPipelineDefaultUnlitCustom scriptable pipeline when lightmode is set to default unlit or no light mode is set.
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