Version: 2020.3
public void SetPreloading (float timeoutSeconds, bool activateCameraOnTimeout, Camera disableCameraCuttingFrom);


timeoutSeconds Optional timeout before stopping preloading. Set to 0.0f when no timeout is required.
activateCameraOnTimeout Set to True to activate the connected Camera component when timeout expires.
disableCameraCuttingFrom Camera to deactivate on timeout (if Camera.activateCameraOnTime is True). This parameter can be null.


Initiate preloading of streaming data for this camera.

Activate texture streaming at this camera location. This is for preloading texture mipmaps prior to a Camera being activated a short time later. When the Camera component on the same GameObject becomes enabled, preloading will be disabled. Preloading can be manually disabled with StreamingController.CancelPreloading

The function will do nothing if called when the associated Camera is already enabled.

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