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The Player Settings (menu: Edit > Project Settings > Player) let you set various options for the final game built by Unity. There are a few settings that are the same regardless of the build target but most are platform-specific and divided into the following sections:

  • Resolution and Presentation: settings for screen resolution and other presentation details such as whether the game should default to fullscreen mode.
  • Icon: the game icon(s) as shown on the desktop.
  • Splash Image: the image shown while the game is launching.
  • Other Settings: any remaining settings specific to the platform.
  • Publishing Settings: details of how the built application is prepared for delivery from the app store or host webpage.

The general settings are covered below. Settings specific to a platform can be found separately in the platform’s own manual section.

See also Unity Splash Screen settings.

General Settings

Property: Function:
Cross-Platform Properties
Company Name The name of your company. This is used to locate the preferences file.
Product Name The name that will appear on the menu bar when your game is running and is used to locate the preferences file also.
Default Icon The default icon that the application will have on every platform. You can override this for specific platforms.
Default Cursor The default cursor that the application will have on every supported platform.
Cursor Hotspot Cursor hotspot in pixels from the top left of the default cursor.