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Utility class for any prefab related operations.

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//Create a folder (right click in the Assets directory, click Create>New Folder) and name it “Editor” if one doesn’t exist already.
//Place this script in that folder

//This script creates a new menu and a new menu item in the Editor window // Use the new menu item to create a prefab at the given path. If a prefab already exists it asks if you want to replace it //Click on a GameObject in your Hierarchy, then go to Examples>Create Prefab to see it in action.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor;

public class Example : EditorWindow { //Creates a new menu (Examples) with a menu item (Create Prefab) [MenuItem("Examples/Create Prefab")] static void CreatePrefab() { //Keep track of the currently selected GameObject(s) GameObject[] objectArray = Selection.gameObjects;

//Loop through every GameObject in the array above foreach (GameObject gameObject in objectArray) { //Set the path as within the Assets folder, and name it as the GameObject's name with the .prefab format string localPath = "Assets/" + + ".prefab";

//Check if the Prefab and/or name already exists at the path if (AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath(localPath, typeof(GameObject))) { //Create dialog to ask if User is sure they want to overwrite existing prefab if (EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("Are you sure?", "The prefab already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?", "Yes", "No")) //If the user presses the yes button, create the Prefab { CreateNew(gameObject, localPath); } } //If the name doesn't exist, create the new Prefab else { Debug.Log( + " is not a prefab, will convert"); CreateNew(gameObject, localPath); } } }

// Disable the menu item if no selection is in place [MenuItem("Examples/Create Prefab", true)] static bool ValidateCreatePrefab() { return Selection.activeGameObject != null; }

static void CreateNew(GameObject obj, string localPath) { //Create a new prefab at the path given Object prefab = PrefabUtility.CreatePrefab(localPath, obj); PrefabUtility.ReplacePrefab(obj, prefab, ReplacePrefabOptions.ConnectToPrefab); } }

Static Properties

prefabInstanceUpdatedCalled after prefab instances in the scene have been updated.

Static Methods

ConnectGameObjectToPrefabConnects the source prefab to the game object.
CreateEmptyPrefabCreates an empty prefab at given path.
CreatePrefabCreates a prefab from a game object hierarchy.
DisconnectPrefabInstanceDisconnects the prefab instance from its parent prefab.
FindPrefabRootHelper function to find the prefab root of an object (used for picking niceness).
FindRootGameObjectWithSameParentPrefabReturns the topmost game object that has the same prefab parent as target.
FindValidUploadPrefabInstanceRootReturns root game object of the prefab instance if that root prefab instance is a parent of the prefab.
GetPrefabObjectRetrieves the enclosing prefab for any object contained within.
GetPrefabParentReturns the parent asset object of source, or null if it can't be found.
GetPrefabTypeGiven an object, returns its prefab type (None, if it's not a prefab).
GetPropertyModificationsExtract all modifications that are applied to the prefab instance compared to the parent prefab.
InstantiateAttachedAssetInstantiate an asset that is referenced by a prefab and use it on the prefab instance.
InstantiatePrefabInstantiates the given prefab in a given scene.
MergeAllPrefabInstancesForce re-merging all prefab instances of this prefab.
ReconnectToLastPrefabConnects the game object to the prefab that it was last connected to.
RecordPrefabInstancePropertyModificationsCauses modifications made to the Prefab instance to be recorded.
ReplacePrefabReplaces the targetPrefab with a copy of the game object hierarchy go.
ResetToPrefabStateResets the properties of the component or game object to the parent prefab state.
RevertPrefabInstanceResets the properties of all objects in the prefab, including child game objects and components that were added to the prefab instance.
SetPropertyModificationsAssigns all modifications that are applied to the prefab instance compared to the parent prefab.


PrefabInstanceUpdatedDelegate for method that is called after prefab instances in the scene have been updated.
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