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Describes which Unity systems consider the GameObject as static, and include the GameObject in their precomputations in the Unity Editor.

Setting StaticEditorFlags at runtime has no effect on these systems.

For more information, see the Unity Manual documentation on StaticEditorFlags.

See Also: GameObjectUtility.SetStaticEditorFlags, GameObject.isStatic


ContributeGIWhen you enable this property, Unity includes the target Mesh Renderer in global illumination calculations. These calculations take place while precomputing lighting data at bake time. The ContributeGI property exposes the ReceiveGI property. The ContributeGI property only takes effect if you enable a global illumination setting such as Baked Global Illumination or Realtime Global Illumination for the target Scene. A Unity Blog post about static lighting with Light Probes provides guidance for using this flag. For additional context, see this tutorial for setting up the Built-in Render Pipeline and lighting in Unity.
OccluderStaticMark the GameObject as a Static Occluder in the occlusion culling system.
OccludeeStaticMark the GameObject as a Static Occludee in the occlusion culling system.
BatchingStaticCombine the GameObject's Mesh with other eligible Meshes, to potentially reduce runtime rendering costs.
NavigationStaticInclude the GameObject when precomputing navigation data.
OffMeshLinkGenerationAttempt to generate an Off-Mesh Link that starts from this GameObject when precomputing navigation data.
ReflectionProbeStaticInclude this GameObject when when precomputing data for Reflection Probes whose Type property is set to Baked.
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