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Debugging on a ChromeOS device

While developing an application for ChromeOS, you may find issues that you need to debug on a ChromeOS device. You can use the Unity ProfilerA window that helps you to optimize your game. It shows how much time is spent in the various areas of your game. For example, it can report the percentage of time spent rendering, animating, or in your game logic. More info
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and Managed Debuggers to profile and debug applications respectively on ChromeOS devices.

ChromeOS has networkingThe Unity system that enables multiplayer gaming across a computer network. More info
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restrictions which mean the Unity Profiler and Managed Debuggers can’t automatically connect to ChromeOS devices wireless or through USB connections. Instead, manually connect to the device wirelessly using its IP address. To do this:

Android Debug Bridge for ChromeOS devices

To wirelessly connect ADBAn Android Debug Bridge (ADB). You can use an ADB to deploy an Android package (APK) manually after building. More info
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to a ChromeOS device:

  1. Enable ADB on the device. For information on how to do this, refer to Enable ADB debugging.
  2. Find the IP address of the device. For information on how to do this, refer to Connect to ADB over a network.
  3. In Unity, open Android Build settings.
  4. In the Build settings window, select the Run Device drop-down and then select the <Enter IP> option.
  5. In the window that opens, enter the IP address and port number of the device and select Add. If the device’s port number is 5555, you don’t need to enter it. After Unity successfully connects to the device, it selects the device as the Run Device.

Note: If your device or host machine goes to sleep or loses network connectivity you may need to reconnect.

Support user input on ChromeOS devices
Build for ChromeOS
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