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AssetBundle Download Integrity and Security

Unity Asset Bundle Browser tool

You can use the Asset Bundle Browser to view and edit the configuration of asset bundles in your Unity project.

For more information, see the Unity Asset Bundle Browser documentation.

Note: This tool is an unsupported utility. Viewing extremely large asset bundles can lead to slow performance and memory issues. The Github repository linked from this page contains the latest source code and supersedes any other sources.


To install the Asset Bundle Browser:

  1. Open the Unity [Package Manager](( in your Project (menu: Windows > Package Manager).
  2. Click the + (Add) button at the top, left corner of the window.
  3. Choose Add package from git URL…
  4. Enter as the URL
  5. Click Add.

The Package Manager downloads and installs the package’s “master” branch.

  • New feature in 5.6
AssetBundle Download Integrity and Security
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