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Install Unity offline without the Hub
License activation methods

Licenses and activation

To use Unity, you need an activated license. To learn about Unity’s plans and prices, go to the Unity Store.

Topic Description
License activation methods Understand the different methods you can use to activate your license and decide which method is best for you.
Manage your license through the command line Use the command line to activate or return your license.
Manual license activation Manually activate your license, by following a 3-step process to submit a license request.
License troubleshooting Troubleshoot your license management issues.

Additional resources

  • If you have a complex project or a large organization, you might consider entitlement-based licensing, rather than standard user licenses. Unity’s entitlement-based solution is a floating licensing server. For information, refer to Unity Licensing Server.
  • Unity Support article, Licenses.
Install Unity offline without the Hub
License activation methods
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