Version: 2022.3
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Advanced operations: Using the LLAPI
Creating UploadHandlers

Creating UnityWebRequests

WebRequests can be instantiated like any other object. Two constructors are available:

  • The standard, parameter-less constructor creates a new UnityWebRequest with all settings blank or default. The target URL is not set, no custom headers are set, and the redirect limit is set to 32.
  • The second constructor takes a string argument. It assigns the UnityWebRequest’s target URL to the value of the string argument, and is otherwise identical to the parameter-less constructor.

Multiple other properties are available for setting up, tracking status and checking result or UnityWebRequest.


UnityWebRequest wr = new UnityWebRequest(); // Completely blank
UnityWebRequest wr2 = new UnityWebRequest(""); // Target URL is set

// the following two are required to web requests to work
wr.url = "";
wr.method = UnityWebRequest.kHttpVerbGET;   // can be set to any custom method, common constants privided

wr.useHttpContinue = false;
wr.chunkedTransfer = false;
wr.redirectLimit = 0;  // disable redirects
wr.timeout = 60;       // don't make this small, web requests do take some time
Advanced operations: Using the LLAPI
Creating UploadHandlers
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