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FBX export guide
Importing objects from Cinema 4D

Importing objects from Maya

Unity natively imports Maya files, supporting the following:

  • 所有节点以及位置、旋转和缩放;轴心点和名称也会导入
  • 网格以及顶点颜色、法线和最多 2 个 UV 集
  • 材质以及纹理和漫射颜色;每个网格多种材质
  • FK & IK animation
  • Bone-based animation
  • 混合形状


Unity does not support Maya’s Segment Scale Compensate setting on joints.


You need to have Maya installed to import .mb and .ma files directly into Unity. If you don’t have Maya installed, use the .FBX format instead. For more information about importing FBX files, see Importing models.

Behind the import process

When Unity imports a Maya file, it launches Maya in the background. Unity then communicates with Maya to convert the .mb file into a format Unity can read.

The first time you import an .mb or .ma file into Unity, Maya has to launch in a command line process. This can take a while, but subsequent imports are very quick.

Export settings in Maya

Blend shapes (morphing)

When exporting blend shapes from Maya:

  • 将混合形状按顺序应用于导出网格及其目标。
  • 如果需要 Maya 动画关键帧,可在混合形状节点上对关键帧进行动画化。
  • Go to Animation > Deformed Models > Blend Shapes and select the FBX Export option in Maya before exporting the mesh.
  • If you also want to export skin deformation, go to Animation > Deformed Models > Skins and select the FBX Export option in Maya before exporting the mesh.

Import settings in Unity

Using IK to animate characters

When you’ve imported the .mb file into Unity, select it in the Project window and enable Bake Animations in the Animations tab of the Model Importer.

Tips and troubleshooting

  • 保持场景轻量级:导出时仅导出 Unity 需要使用的对象。
  • Unity 仅支持多边形,因此在导出前应将所有面片或 NURBS 表面转换为多边形;请参阅 Maya 文档了解相关说明。
  • If your model did not export correctly, the node history in Maya might be causing a problem. In Maya, select Edit > Delete by Type > Non-Deformer History and then re-export the model.
  • Make sure you’re using the latest FBX exporters from the Autodesk website.
  • Maya FBX Exporter 会烘焙不支持的复杂动画约束,例如 Set Driven Keys(设置受驱动关键点),从而将动画正确导入 Unity。如果在 Maya 中使用了 Set Driven Keys,确保在驱动者 (driver) 上设置关键点,以便正确烘焙动画。有关更多信息,请参阅 Maya 提供的关键帧动画 (Keyframe Animation) 文档。
  • 在 Maya 中,可见性值呈现在各个形状上,但不能添加动画,也不会导出为 FBX 格式文件。必须在节点上而不是在形状上设置可见性值。

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FBX export guide
Importing objects from Cinema 4D
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