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Note: UNet is deprecated, and will be removed from Unity in the future. A new system is under development. For more information and next steps see this blog post and the FAQ.

Network Discovery is a component that allows Unity applications using the networking system to find each other on a local network (LAN). This does not allow discovery for internet play. Use the Multiplayer Service (along with MatchMaker and Relay service) to connect to .

The Network Discovery component does not require any integration with Unity services, and is intended as a fully stand-alone solution to finding other games on your local network to connect with.

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The Network Discovery component in the Inspector window

Property Function
Broadcast Port The network port to broadcast on and listen to.
Broadcast Key The key to broadcast. This should be a unique value to indicate your discovery’s compatibility to other Network Discovery instances. Unique broadcast keys avoid games of different types from trying to connect to each other if they run on the same local network.
Broadcast Version The major version to include in the broadcast. Use this along with Broadcast SubVersion to indicate version compatibility.
Broadcast SubVersion The minor version to include in the broadcast. Use this alongside Broadcast Version to indicate version compatibility.
Broadcast Interval Specify how often Unity should broadcast discovery information, in seconds.
Use NetworkManager Enable this to use the Network Manager settings for broadcasting, and to then auto-join found games.
Broadcast Data Enter custom data to include in the broadcast. The Network Manager overrides this if you have enabled Use NetworkManager.
Show GUI Enable this to show the default broadcast GUI in Play mode. This GUI is only intended for developer testing.
Offset X The x-axis offset of the broadcast GUI. This setting is only visible if Show GUI is enabled.
Offset Y The y-axis offset of the broadcast GUI. This setting is only visible if Show GUI is enabled.

When running in play mode

When running in play mode, the following information is also visible in the inspector:

Property Function
hostId The host Id being used to broadcast.
running True if currently broadcasting.
isServer True if broadcasting as a server.
isClient True if listening for broadcasts as a client.
broadcastsReceived A list of broadcast messages received.
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