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Avatar Muscle & Settings 选项卡

Unity 的动画系统允许使用__肌肉 (Muscles)__ 控制不同骨骼的运动范围。

正确配置 Avatar 后,动画系统可“理解”骨骼结构,并允许使用 Avatar Inspector 的 Muscles & Settings 选项卡。使用 Muscles & Settings 选项卡可调整角色的运动范围,并确保角色以逼真的方式变形,而不出现视觉瑕疵或自我重叠。

Avatar 窗口中的 Muscles & Settings 选项卡
Avatar 窗口中的 Muscles & Settings 选项卡

Muscle & Settings 选项卡具有以下区域:

A Buttons to toggle between the Mapping and Muscles & Settings tabs. You must Apply or Revert any changes made before switching between tabs.

B Use the Muscle Group Preview area to manipulate the character using predefined deformations. These affect several bones at once.

C Use the Per-Muscle Settings area to adjust individual bones in the body. You can expand the muscle settings to change the range limits of each settings. For example, by default, Unity gives the Head-Nod and Head-Tilt settings a possible range of –40 to 40 degrees but you can decrease these ranges even further to add stiffness to these movements.

D Use the Additional Settings to adjust specific effects in the body.

E The Muscles menu provides a Reset tool to return all muscle settings to their default values.

F Buttons to accept any changes made (Accept), discard any changes (Revert), and leave the Avatar window (Done). You must Apply or Revert any changes made before leaving the Avatar window.


对于 Muscle Group PreviewPer-Muscle Settings 区域中的设置,可直接在 Scene 视图中预览所做的更改。可以拖动滑动条来查看应用于角色的每项设置的移动范围:

在 Scene 视图中预览肌肉设置的更改
在 Scene 视图中预览肌肉设置的更改


移动自由度 (Degree of Freedom, DoF)

可以在 Additional Settings 中启用 Translate DoF 选项,从而启用人形角色的移动动画。如果禁用此选项,则 Unity 仅使用旋转对骨骼进行动画化。Translation DoF 可用于 Chest、UpperChest、Neck、LeftUpperLeg、RightUpperLeg、LeftShoulder 和 RightShoulder 的肌肉。

注意:启用 Translate DoF 可能会提高性能要求,因为动画系统需要执行额外的步骤来重新定位人形动画。因此,在已知动画包含角色某些骨骼的动画式移动时,才应启用此选项。

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