Version: 2021.2


public static Resolution[] resolutions ;


Returns all full-screen resolutions that the monitor supports (Read Only).

Unity returns the resolutions the monitor supports and sorts them by width and then by ascending resolution. Important: When you use FullScreenMode.ExclusiveFullScreen you should use Screen.resolutions to determine which resolution to pass to Screen.SetResolution because FullScreenMode.ExclusiveFullScreen only works with supported resolutions. If you pass a non-supported resolution, it has a severe impact on performance. All other fullscreen modes support arbitrary resolutions without performance penalties.

using UnityEngine;

public class ExampleScript : MonoBehaviour { void Start() { Resolution[] resolutions = Screen.resolutions;

// Print the resolutions foreach (var res in resolutions) { Debug.Log(res.width + "x" + res.height + " : " + res.refreshRate); } } }

另请参阅:Resolution 结构、SetResolution

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