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Networking Overview
Network System Concepts

The High Level API

The High Level API (HLAPI) is a system for building multiplayer capabilities for Unity games. It is built on top of the lower level transport real-time communication layer, and handles many of the common tasks that are required for multiplayer games. While the transport layer supports any kind of network topology, the HLAPI is a server authoritative system; although it allows one of the participants to be a client and the server at the same time, so no dedicated server process is required. Working in conjunction with the internet services, this allows multiplayer games to be played over the internet with little work from developers.

HLAPI 是 Unity 中内置的新网络命令集合,位于以下新命名空间中:UnityEngine.Networking。该系统专注于易用性和迭代式开发,并提供可用于多人游戏的服务,比如:

  • 消息处理程序
  • 通用高性能序列化
  • 分布式对象管理
  • 状态同步
  • Network 类:Server、Client、Connection 等

HLAPI 基于一系列不同的层而构建,这些层可增加功能:

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Networking Overview
Network System Concepts
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