Version: 2021.3
Workflow overview
Set up the Canvas

Create and manage UI Documents (UXML)

The currently open and active UI Document (UXML) asset name is displayed in both the Hierarchy pane as a root tree item as well as in the Canvas header inside the Viewport. An asterisk * next to the name indicates unsaved changes.

UI Builder will always start, by default, with a blank unsaved UI Document (UXML). This will display as <unsaved file>*.uxml. You can start working within this UI Document (UXML) and then create it as an asset on disk later when you save for the first time.

Open a UI Document

You can open an existing UI Document in multiple ways:

  1. Use the File menu inside the UI Builder Viewport pane toolbar and select Open….
  2. In the Project tab of the Library pane, right-click on the document and select Open in UI Builder.
  3. In the Unity Project window, double-click on the document. if you already have the document open in the UI Builder and you double-click on it in the Unity Project window, the UI Document (UXML) will open using your default text editor or IDE.

You can save any changes to the active UI Document (UXML) by using the File > Save menu in the UI Builder’s Viewport pane toolbar. Ctrl/CMD + S might also work but the UI Builder window needs to be in focus. Note that the Unity project-wide Save won’t save the active UI Document (UXML) open in the UI Builder.

Workflow overview
Set up the Canvas
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