Version: 2021.3
Preparing your development environment for Chrome OS
Developing for Chrome OS

Chrome OS Player Settings

In addition to the Android player settings, Chrome OS has the following Player Settings.

设置 功能
Target Architectures Specify which target architecture you want to support. To support all Chrome OS devices, include both options as the build target.
x86 (Chrome OS) Support Chrome OS, 32-bit x86 architecture.
x86–64 (Chrome OS) Support Chrome OS, 64-bit x86–64 architecture.
TargetDevices Specify the devices on which your application can run.
All Devices Allow your application to run on all devices.
Phones, Tablets, and TV Devices Only Allow your application to run on Android phones, tablets, and TV devices only.
Chrome OS Devices Only Allow your application to run on Chrome OS devices only. If this option is selected, all Android phones and tablets are not supported.
Chrome OS Input Emulation Convert all mouse and touchpad events into touchscreen events. This setting is enabled by default.
Enable this setting if you developed your application for Android and you want it to work on Chrome OS without any extra development.
Disable this setting if you want your application to fully support and receive events directly from input devices such as mice and touchpads.

Resolution and Presentation settings

The Android window-related Player Settings are important because Chrome OS has a desktop window user interface.

These settings specify:

  • Whether the application starts full-screen or in a window.
  • The starting and minimum sizes of the window
  • Whether you can resize the window.

For windows settings to take affect, set your application’s Minimum API Level (menu: File > Build Settings > Player Settings > Other Settings) to at least 24.

Important: If you enable the Resizable Window Player Setting for a Chrome OS application, the application launches in fullscreen regardless of which Fullscreen Mode Player Setting you select.

Window orientation and aspect ratio

For optimum performance, use eiher portrait orientation or landscape orientation, but not both. To avoid several known issues with app rotation and windowing, enable the Resizable Window setting. This setting ensures that windowed applications on Chrome OS can be resized when they aren’t in full-screen mode.

Note: Only a single aspect ratio, either landscape or portrait, is allowed via auto-rotation.

Preparing your development environment for Chrome OS
Developing for Chrome OS
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