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WebGL Player Settings

This page details the Player Settings specific to WebGL. A description of the general Player Settings can be found here.

Other settings

Propiedad: Función:
Rendering Path El rendering path habilitado para el juego.
Auto Graphics API Uncheck this if you want to manually select which graphics API is used. When checked, Unity includes WebGL2.0, with WebGL1.0 as a fallback for browsers that don’t support it. When unchecked, you can manually pick and reorder the graphics APIs.
Static Batching Check to enable static batching?
Dynamic Batching Check to enable dynamic batching.
Scripting Backend Scripting backend is grayed out because there is only one scripting backend on WebGL.
Disable HW Statistics When this is unchecked, the application sends information about the hardware to Unity (See hwstats page for more details).
Scripting Define Symbols Custom compilation flags (see the platform dependent compilation page for details).
Api Compatibility Level Specifies active .NET API profile. See below.
        .Net 2.0 .Net 2.0 libraries. Maximum .net compatibility, biggest file sizes
        .Net 2.0 Subset Subset of full .net compatibility, smaller file sizes
Prebake Collision Meshes Habilita el collision mesh baking durante la construcción.
Preload Shaders Habilita la pre-carga del shader.
Preload Assets Habilita la pre-carga de assets. Específica el tamaño de assets para pre-cargar.
Strip Engine Code Habilita el stripping de código para WebGL.
Vertex Compression
Optimize Mesh Data Remove any data from meshes that is not required by the material applied to them (tangents, normals, colors, UV).

API compatibility level

You can choose your mono API compatibility level for all targets. Sometimes a 3rd party .net dll will use things that are outside of the .net compatibility level that you would like to use. In order to understand what is going on in such cases, and how to best fix it, get “Reflector” on windows.

  1. Drag the .net assemblies for the API compatilibity level in question into reflector. You can find these in Frameworks/Mono/lib/mono/YOURSUBSET/
  2. Also drag in your third-party assembly.
  3. Right click your third-party assembly, and select Analyze.
  4. In the analysis report, inspect the Depends on section. Anything that the third-party assembly depends on, but is not available in the .net compatibility level of your choice, will be highlighted in red there.

Publishing settings

Propiedad: Función:
WebGL Memory Size Configure la memoria disponible para el WebGL runtime, dado en megabytes. Debe elegir este valor con cuidado: si es demasiado bajo, obtendrá errores de falta de memoria porque el contenido cargado y las escenas no encajarán en la memoria disponible. Sin embargo, si solicita demasiada memoria, es posible que algunas combinaciones de navegador/plataforma no puedan proporcionarla y, en consecuencia, no carguen el player. ;Mire aquí para más detalles.
Enable Exceptions Enables exceptions support which allows you to specify how unexpected code behavior (generally considered errors) is handled at run time. There are four options: None, Explicitly Thrown Exceptions Only, Full Without Stacktrace and Full With Stacktrace. See the Building and running a WebGL project page for details.
Compression Format Release build files compression format: gzip, brotli or none. Note that this option does not affect Development builds.
Name Files As Hashes Use MD5 hash of the uncompressed file contents as a filename for each file in the build.
Data caching Habilite esta opción para almacenar en caché automáticamente los datos de sus assest de contenido en la máquina de los usuarios para que no tenga que volver a descargarlos en las ejecuciones siguientes (a menos que el contenido haya cambiado). El almacenamiento en caché se implementa utilizando la API IndexedDB proporcionada por el explorador. Algunos navegadores pueden implementar restricciones alrededor de esto, como pedir permiso al usuario para almacenar en caché datos en un tamaño específico.
Debug Symbols Preserve debug symbols and perform demangling of the stack trace when an error occurs. For release builds all the debug information is stored in a separate file which is downloaded from the server on demand when an error occurs. Development builds always have demangling support embedded in the main module and therefore are not affected by this option.
WebAssembly (Experimental) If enabled, WebAssembly build files are generated during a build. At run-time, if supported by the browser WebAssembly is used, otherwise it falls back to asm.js.

Información adicional acerca de los WebGL Publishing Settings (Configuraciones de publicación de WebGL) se pueden encontrar en la página Construcción y Ejecución de WebGL.

Empezar con el desarrollo de WebGL
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