Version: 2020.1
Editing properties
The status bar

La Barra de Herramientas

You can find the Toolbar at the top of the Unity Editor. It is not a window, and is the only part of the Unity interface that you can’t rearrange.

The Toolbar appears at the top of the Editor
The Toolbar appears at the top of the Editor

The Toolbar consists of several groups of controls. Each relate to different parts of the Editor.

Control: Descripción (Description):
Use the Transform tools in the Scene view:

- The first tool in the toolbar, the Hand Tool, allows you to pan around the Scene.
- The Move, Rotate, Scale, Rect Transform and Transform tools allow you to edit individual GameObjects.

Selected GameObjects also display a Gizmo in the Scene view if you have one of the four Transform tools selected.
Toggling the Transform Gizmo affects the the Scene view.
Use the Play, Pause, and Step buttons in the Game view.
Launch Unity Collaborate from the Collab drop-down menu.
Click the Cloud button to open the Unity Services window.
Access your Unity Account from the Account drop-down menu.
You can control which objects appear in Scene view from the Layers drop-down menu.
You can change the arrangement of your views and then save the new layout or load an existing from the Layout drop-down menu.
Editing properties
The status bar
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