Version: 2021.1
Installing from a Git URL
Removing an installed package

Adding a registry package by name

If you know the exact name of the package you want to add, you can use the Add package by name option to request it. This is a quick way to add a package from the registry without manually editing the manifest.

Specifying the version is optional. If you don’t know which version to install, or want to install the latest compatible version, enter only the package name.

Note: The latest compatible version might not be the latest published package. If there is a released package version and a newer pre-release or experimental version, Package Manager always selects the released package version.

To add a registry package by name, follow these steps:

  1. Click the add button in the status bar.

  2. The options for adding packages appear.

    Add package from name button
    Add package from name button
  3. Select Add package by name from the add menu. A text box and an Add button appear.

  4. Enter the package name in the first text box, such as com.unity.example.

    Enter the package name and click Add
    Enter the package name and click Add

    Note: If you enter a package name or version that is invalid, Package Manager warns you that it can’t find that name or version. Verify that the package name and version are correct and try again.

  5. (Optional) If you know which version you want to install, enter the full package version in the second text box, such as 1.3.0-pre.2.

  6. Click Add. If Unity was able to install the package successfully, the package now appears in the package list like any other package installed from the registry.

Note: This method works for any package and version that is currently hosted on the Unity package registry or any scoped package registry you have set up for the current project.

Installing from a Git URL
Removing an installed package
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