Version: 2018.1
public static float deltaTime ;


The completion time in seconds since the last frame (Read Only).

This property provides the time between the current and previous frame.

Use Time.deltaTime to move a GameObject in the y direction, at n units per second. Multiply n by Time.deltaTime and add to the y component.

MonoBehaviour.FixedUpdate uses fixedDeltaTime instead of deltaTime. Do not rely on Time.deltaTime inside MonoBehaviour.OnGUI. Unity can call OnGUI multiple times per frame. The application use the same deltaTime value per call.

The following example implements a timer. The timer adds deltaTime each frame. The example announces the timer value and resets it to zero when it reaches 2 seconds. The timer does not hit 2.0 when MonoBehaviour.Update adds deltaTime. The test is for the timer moving 2 seconds. The script code removes the reported time, and the timer restarts. The restart is not always exactly 0.0. The speed changes between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds. Time.timeScale stores the chosen time-is-passing scale.