Version: 2019.4





Describes the method for how content is displayed on the screen.

Options are as follows:

Use Always to render offscreen and blit to the backbuffer. Use Never to render directly to the backbuffer. Use Auto or automatically choose the most appropriate option.

Depending on the device, AndroidBlitType.Never may not support switching MSAA settings at runtime or rendering at non-native resolution. AndroidBlitType.Never does not provide a sRGB backbuffer. Linear rendering requires a framebuffer that does sRGB read/write conversions (see RenderTexture.sRGB), otherwise the generated image typically appears too dark. Therefore AndroidBlitType.Never is not recommended when linear rendering is used. If you want to use linear rendering with AndroidBlitType.Never despite this information, you have to setup your own sRGB render target and handle the blit to the backbuffer.

AndroidBlitType is ignored when the Vulkan Graphics API is used.


AlwaysAlways render offscreen and blit to the backbuffer.
NeverNever render offscreen and blit to the backbuffer. Always render directly to the backbuffer.
AutoAutomatically determine the most appropriate method for drawing to the screen.
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