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パッケージにアクセスするユーザー数を制御したり、閉域網の組織にパッケージレジストリサーバーを設定する必要がある場合は、独自のパッケージ レジストリサーバーを設定できます。


  • You can distribute a zip or tarball to other Unity users. That way, they can either install the package from the local tarball directly or decompress the zip or tarball to a local folder on their own computer and install it from there.

  • You can distribute a link to your Git repository. Then users can install your package using its Git URL, because the Unity Package Manager can fetch packages from Git repository hosting services like GitHub and GitLab.

  • You can set up a package registry server to host your package and then publish it to that registry using npm’s publish command. Your package’s consumers can then set up a scoped registry configuration in their project to fetch your custom packages from your own package registry.

    Unity Package Manager は npm プロトコルに基づくレジストリをサポートします。既成の npm レジストリサーバーはなんでも使用でき、動作するはずですが、Verdaccio は素早く設定でき、多くの設定を必要としません。

    Most of the time, anonymous access within a local network is sufficient to fulfill your security requirements. However, if you want more control over who accesses packages via scoped registries, you can enable npm authentication for specific users. Your package customer’s can then configure their scoped registry to use their npm authentication token.

Unity を使用する
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