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Create user interfaces (UI)
UI Toolkit

Unity の UI システムの比較

UI Toolkit is intended to become the recommended UI system for your new UI development projects. However, in the current release, UI Toolkit does not have some features that Unity UI (uGUI) and Immediate Mode GUI (IMGUI) support. uGUI and IMGUI are more appropriate for certain use cases, and are required to support legacy projects.

This page provides a high-level feature comparison of UI Toolkit, uGUI, and IMGUI, and their respective approaches to UI design.

General consideration

The following table lists the recommended and alternative system for runtime and Editor:

2021 Recommendation Alternative
Runtime Unity UI UI Toolkit
Editor IMGUI UI Toolkit

Roles and skill sets


The following table lists the recommended system for different roles:

Roles UI Toolkit Unity UI
IMGUI Skill sets
プログラマー プログラマーは、あらゆるゲーム開発ツールや API を使用できます。
テクニカルアーティスト 部分的 不可 Unity のゲームオブジェクトベースのツールやワークフローに慣れているテクニカルアーティストは、ゲームオブジェクト、コンポーネント、シーンビューを使って快適に作業できるだろうと考えられます。

UI Toolkit のウェブに似たアプローチや、IMGUI の純粋な C# アプローチには馴染めないかもしれません。
UI デザイナー 部分的 不可 UI designers who are familiar with UI creation tools are likely to be comfortable with UI Toolkit’s document-based approach.

If they are not familiar with GameObject-based workflows, they might require help from programmers or level designers.

Innovation and development

UI Toolkit is in active development and releases new features frequently. uGUI and IMGUI are established and production-proven UI systems that are updated infrequently.

uGUI and IMGUI might be better choices if you need features that are not yet available in UI Toolkit, or you need to support or reuse older UI content.


uGUI is the recommended solution for the following:

  • UI positioned and lit in a 3D world
  • VFX with custom shaders and materials
  • Easy referencing from MonoBehaviours

UI Toolkit is an alternative to uGUI if you create a screen overlay UI that runs on a wide variety of screen resolutions. Consider UI Toolkit to do the following:

  • Produce work with a significant amount of user interfaces
  • Require familiar authoring workflows for artists and designers
  • Seek textureless UI rendering capabilities

Use Cases

The following table lists the recommended system for major runtime use cases:

2021 Recommendation
Multi-resolution menus and HUD in intensive UI projects UI Toolkit
World space UI and VR Unity UI
UI that requires customized shaders and materials Unity UI

In details

The following table lists the recommended system for detailed runtime features:

2021 UI Toolkit Unity UI
WYSIWYG authoring
Nesting reusable components
Global style management 不可
Layout and Styling Debugger
Scene integration
Rich text tags 可 *
Scalable text 可 *
Font fallbacks 可 *
Adaptive layout
Input system support
Serialized events 不可
Visual Scripting support 不可
Rendering pipelines support
Screen-space (2D) rendering
World-space (3D) rendering 不可
Custom materials and shaders 不可
Sprites / Sprite atlas support
Dynamic texture atlas 不可
Textureless elements 不可
UI anti-aliasing 不可
Rectangle clipping
Mask clipping 不可
Nested masking
UI transition animations 不可
Integration with Animation Clips and Timeline 不可

*Requires the TextMesh Pro package


IMGUI is the default solution for most use cases and is especially recommended for the following :

  • Unrestricted access to editor extensible capabilities
  • Some specialized control such as the TreeView
  • Light API to quickly render UI on screen

UI Toolkit is an alternative to IMGUI if you create complex editor tools. Consider UI Toolkit for the following:

  • Better reusability and decoupling
  • Visual tools for authoring UI
  • Better scalability for code maintenance and performance

Use Cases

The following table lists the recommended system for major Editor use cases:

2021 Recommendation
Complex editor tool UI Toolkit
Property drawers IMGUI
Collaboration with designers UI Toolkit

In details

The following table lists the recommended system for detailed Editor features:

2021 UI Toolkit IMGUI
WYSIWYG authoring 不可
Nesting reusable components 不可
Global style management
Layout and Styling Debugger 不可
Rich text tags
Scalable text 不可
Font fallbacks
Adaptive layout
Default Inspectors 不可
Inspector: Edit custom object types
Inspector: Edit custom property types
Inspector: Mixed values (multi-editing) support
Array and list-view control
Data binding: Serialized properties


Create user interfaces (UI)
UI Toolkit
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