Version: 2017.1
public Vector3 destination ;


Gets or attempts to set the destination of the agent in world-space units.


Returns the destination set for this agent.

• If a destination is set but the path is not yet processed the position returned will be valid navmesh position that's closest to the previously set position.
• If the agent has no path or requested path - returns the agents position on the navmesh.
• If the agent is not mapped to the navmesh (e.g. scene has no navmesh) - returns a position at infinity.


Requests the agent to move to the valid navmesh position that's closest to the requested destination.

• The path result may not become available until after a few frames. Use pathPending to query for outstanding results.
• If it's not possible to find a valid nearby navmesh position (e.g. scene has no navmesh) no path is requested. Use SetDestination and check return value if you need to handle this case explicitly.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.AI;

[RequireComponent(typeof(NavMeshAgent))] public class FollowTarget : MonoBehaviour { public Transform target; Vector3 destination; NavMeshAgent agent;

void Start() { // Cache agent component and destination agent = GetComponent<NavMeshAgent>(); destination = agent.destination; }

void Update() { // Update destination if the target moves one unit if (Vector3.Distance(destination, target.position) > 1.0f) { destination = target.position; agent.destination = destination; } } }
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