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Off-Mesh Link

OffMeshLink component allows you to incorporate navigation shortcuts which cannot be represented using a walkable surface. For example, jumping over a ditch or a fence, or opening a door before walking through it, can all be described as Off-mesh links.


Свойство: Функция:
Start Object describing the start location of the Off-Mesh Link.
End Object describing the start location of the Off-Mesh Link.
Cost Override If value is positive, use it when calculating path cost on processing a path request. Otherwise, the default cost is used (the cost of the area to which this game object belongs). If the Cost Override is set to the value 3.0, moving over the off-mesh link will be three times more expensive than moving the same distance on a default NavMesh area. The cost override becomes useful when you want to make the agents generally favor walking, but use the off-mesh link when the walk distance is clearly longer.
Bi-Directional В активном состоянии связь будет двусторонней. В неактивном односторонней, т.е. из точки начала в точку конца.
Activated Определяет, будет ли данная связь использоваться системой поиска пути (если значение ложно, то не будет).
Auto Update Positions When enabled, the Off-Mesh link will be reconnected to the NavMesh when the end points move. If disabled the link will stay at its start location even if the end points are moved.
Navigation Area Describes the navigation area type of the link. The area type allows you to apply a common traversal cost to similar area types and prevent certain characters from accessing the Off-Mesh Link based on the agent’s Area Mask.


If the agent does not traverse an Off-Mesh link make sure that both end points are connected correctly. A properly connected end point should show a circle around the access point.

Another common cause is that the Navmesh Agent’s Area Mask does not have the Off-Mesh Link’s area included.

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