Version: 2018.1
Getting started with Facebook development

Facebook Player Settings

This page details the Player Settings specific to the Facebook platform. For descriptions of general settings, see Player Settings and Splash Screen settings.

Note that the Facebook build target uses the existing WebGL and Windows Standalone build targets, so the Player Settings for those targets will also apply.

Publishing settings

Свойство: Функция:
Facebook SDK Version Select the Facebook SDK Version for your project to use. This menu will be populated with new versions compatible with your version of Unity as Facebook publishes them.
AppID Your Facebook AppID, used by Facebook to identify your app. See Facebook’s getting started page on how to set one up.
Upload access token An upload access token, required to authorize the Unity editor to upload builds of your app to Facebook. You can get this from Facebook, on your app configuration page, under the “Web Hosting” tab.
Show Windows Player Settings Open the Standalone Player settings, which affect any Facebook builds for Gameroom.
Show WebGL Player Settings Open the WebGL Player settings, which affect any Facebook builds for WebGL.
FB.Init() Parameters Some parameters affecting how the Facebook SDK is initialized on the web page. Documented here.

Getting started with Facebook development
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