Version: 2018.4
Rendering Pipeline Details
Детали упреждающего типа рендеринга

Deferred shading rendering path

This page details the deferred shading rendering path. See Wikipedia: deferred shading for an introductory technical overview.


When using deferred shading, there is no limit on the number of lights that can affect a GameObject. All lights are evaluated per-pixel, which means that they all interact correctly with normal maps, etc. Additionally, all lights can have cookies and shadows.

Deferred shading has the advantage that the processing overhead of lighting is proportional to the number of pixels the light shines on. This is determined by the size of the light volume in the Scene regardless of how many GameObjects it illuminates. Therefore, performance can be improved by keeping lights small. Deferred shading also has highly consistent and predictable behaviour. The effect of each light is comp