Version: 2019.1
Lighting Data Asset
Lightmaps: Technical information

Lightmap Directional Modes

There are two Directional Modes available for light maps: Directional and Non-Directional. To set the Directional Mode for a light map, open the Lighting window (Window > Lighting > Settings), click Scene, navigate to the Lightmapping Settings, ensure the Lightmapper is set to Enlighten, and use the Directional Mode drop-down menu. Both are available as real-time and baked lightmaps.

Directional light maps store more information about the lighting environment than Non-Directional light maps. Shaders can use that extra data about incoming light to better calculate outgoing light, which is how materials appear on the screen. This happens at the cost of increased texture memory usage and shading time.

Non-directional: flat diffuse. This mode uses just a single lightmap, storing information about how much light does the surface emit, assuming it’s pu