Version: 2019.2
Windows standalone Player build binaries

Windows Debugging

Unity provides some facilities to ease the debugging on Windows for forensic or live debugging of game or editor processes.

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First, clarity regarding debugging. There are two types of debugging that need addressing within Unity. There is the native C++ debugging as well as the C# managed debugging. For platforms supporting IL2CPP, there will be only native debugging, but managed debugging will stay for the editor for fast iteration purposes.

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Native Debugging is facilitated by having symbols (pdb files) for the associated binary files (exe or dll).

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On Windows, the standard .NET managed symbols are stored in pdb files as well, however when using mono, there are mdb files.


Unity provides a symbol store at . This server URL can be utilized in windbg or VS2012 and later for automatic symbol resolution and downloading (much like Microsoft’s symbol store).

Windbg Setup

The easy way to add a symbol store on windbg is the .sympath command.

.sympath+ SRV*c:\symbols-cache*